March 03, 2019

street style Milan

Location: Milan

I am already at Paris Fashion Week but I wanted to show you the latest street styles from Milan Fashion Week. They were taken by my lovely friend Luisa Arnez before the Max Mara show and before the Fendi show. In the dark outfit I am wearing a full Fendi look with Jacquemus pumps and the second look is Max Mara trousers and blouse and my Jacquemus bag. What do you think about both looks? Would love to hear your thoughts. Hugs from Paris!

February 25, 2019

Karl Lagerfeld’s last FENDI show

Location: Milan

– when you’re growing up in a small town
you say ‘no one famous ever came from here’
when you’re growing up in a small town
and you’re having a nervous breakdown
and you think that you’ll never escape it
yourself or the place that you live
where did Picasso came from?
there’s no Michelangelo coming from Pittsburgh –
Werbung #notpaid / The last FENDI show from Karl Lagerfeld at Milan Fashion Week was so emotional, everybody was holding back their tears. It caught you right away when the show opened with one of his favorite songs ‘small town’ from Lou Reed. @gigihadid (as shown in the photo above) had tears in her eyes when she walked down the runway. Karl was a true genius for me and when I was asked who I’d like to have dinner with one day I always said ‘I would love to discuss with Karl’. I wanted to see Kaiser Karl once in my life but I came half a year to late. It was such an honour to attend the last show of him and even in his last show he set the future – Fendi introduced a new logo that was painted by him long time ago and the runway had the logo on it, too. At the back of the runway was a lettering which said ‘Love, Karl’ in his handwriting.

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February 18, 2019

Céline | tales to Phoebe

Location: Cape Town

Old Céline, oh Phoebe you goddess of cut and shape! Everybody in my blogosphere misses your stunning work and I am more than happy that I invested in the alphabet collection. When we arrived in Capetown I was amazed by the beauty of light. There’s so many beautiful brick and white walls here (I know that sounds weird for a non photographer) and I couldn’t stop taking photos of them. We shot this outfit in the hallway of our airbnb apartment and I am wearing H&M wool pants, Asos top, slippers and sunglasses and my Céline alphabet necklace. 

February 10, 2019

pink lake

Location: Alicante

One of my favorite places I’ve ever  been to is the pink lake near Alicante, Spain. I was there exactly one year ago and posting this while beeing at the airport gives me serious wanderlust. Can’t wait for our trip to Capetown, I am so excited!