November 08, 2019

igloo in Lapland, Finland

Location: Lapland

Thank you so much for all your responses to my stories from Finland. They were so many I could hardly answer all of them. I hope I could show you the countries uniqueness and the beauty of the wild north of Lapland. I think Finland should have sponsored me haha but in fact we paid everything by ourselves. We flew from Munich via Helsinki to Kittilä and had a short drive to the Igloo hotel ‘Levin Iglut’. LINK HERE It was a long dream of us to do a Huskie tour, visit this beautiful hotel and see the northern lights. In the last photo you can see them from our bedroom. They only showed up for 20 seconds but we met people that went five times and didn’t see them so wefelt quite lucky to see them trough the snow clouds. This experience was overall breathtaking and I can recommend everyone to GO NORTH! Please see attached all the details to our trip and your most asked questions.

November 02, 2019

jacquemus pumps in NYC

Location: New York

When I saw these dreamiest Jacquemus pumps in sale I HAD to buy them. The shoes feel more like an artwork than heels and make every outfit extra special. I have to say (not sponsored) that I love everything in the Jacquemus universe – the personal stories, the colors, the setups for the fashion shows, the femininity, the branding itself. Bravo Jacquemus and well done 10 years! These photos were shot by my beautiful Severine in Midtown around 45th street / 10th ave. I’m also wearing Zara pants and blazer and a burberry top.

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October 27, 2019

bryant park I NYC

Location: Manhattan, NYC

On my first Sunday my friend and I went to my absolute favorite brunch spot, Lexington Brass. After that we strolled along Lexington Avenue to the Public Library at Bryant Park, for me one of the most beautiful buildings in New York and I love to read and work in their big reading halls. Here I am wearing my vintage Burberry coat, my new Fendi glasses via Safilo, Balenciaga slingbacks, bag from Loewe (men’s collection) and pants from Zara. I hope you like the casual outfit!
photos: Sophia Lechner

October 20, 2019

after the chanel show

Location: Paris


The Chanel show is always the most important one from Paris fashion week and closes the fashion month, and furthermore, the street style is delightful. I had the chance to shoot styles outside although it was raining. this time a french comedian managed to sneak onto the runway and pretended to walk with the supermodels. Gigi Hadid escorted her down. Hope you like the snaps and all the best from Manhattan, Alex