June 10, 2019

my photos in dreamingless mag

Location: New York

One of my favorite editorials ever got printed in the new Dreamingless Magazine Issue 46 I 1 – you can purchase it here. I had the idea of creating an editorial with the color I didn’t like at all (until then): green. So many designers like for example Prada showed neon green in their collections and I wanted to give it a try – and actually started liking it! Hair and Make-Up was done by Larissa Strachwitz, styling and photos by me, my model is Lara Cevari from Pars Management. My dear Max Voggenthaler helped me with the light and shipping. I hope you like the story and look for it in the magazine!
see the full story here:

June 03, 2019


Location: New York

>> there is water from the ocean 
running inside her veins,
from every shore she’s been to
wishing she was a mermaid.
I quickly wanted to show you an editorial we shot at windy Coney Island in my favorite habitat – the playa. The only place where I feel even more alive than in NYC is the beach, for sure. I love wind and the feeling of sand between my toes. I’m wearing a Zara dress, Guess pants and Jacquemus Raffia bag. I hope you like it!

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May 25, 2019

rise by lifting others

Location: New York

What I really wanted to address and talk about is blogger friendships and networking in New York. I feel that in Germany, although we’re a super wealthy country and can be happy to live in such a safe environment, jealousy and staring at other people’s things is very common. Here in NY no one cares really about how you look and they even compliment you on the streets. I get compliments so often about my hair or clothing and it always makes my day better. Same is with networking here – I would say I have a really good network in Germany and only work for the brands I really wanna work with, but here in Manhattan it’s even easier to connect, everybody’s coming here to work and is trying to connect as much as possible. I really love this city and I think power woman should always support each other, we only rise by lifting others! I wanna work in this industry for the rest of my life and I think that karma always strikes back. We should all work together as bloggers and also speak about collabs and pricing etc.

May 20, 2019

coney island

Location: New York

Werbung  | I FELL IN LOVE WITH NEW YORK EVEN DEEPER THAN BEFORE. When I was here three years ago with @noahamywhite for fashion week, we also took a day off and went to Coney Island, it’s not modern at all – and that’s what I like about it. Aaand, it’s only a 60 minute drive from Manhattan to the beach. What is Coney Island exactly? It’s an amusement park which is pretty retro and directly at the beach with a beautiful promenade. You won’t find any healthy food here but the charm of the park makes it worth to go and see about all the bizarre things they have there. We went to the beach and shot this little editorial with my Zara dress, Ariane Ernst jewellery and Asos flats. I hope you like it!