May 18, 2017

shangri-la paris

Location: Paris

The beautiful Shangri-La is a dream coming true. During my stay for Lacoste and the relaunch of their parfume ‘Pour Femme’ I stayed at this magical, romantic and luxurious hotel. When I checked in at midnight and asked for a room with an Eiffel tower view, I didn’t expect to get the suite with four (!) panoramic windows facing the Eiffel tower, which sparkled when I arrived and I jumped around like a happy kid. The suite had a big bathroom upstairs as well as a living room and a bed, clothing and working area downstairs. The master bathroom has a a tv in the mirror – how cool is that? The windows are around 5 meters high and I felt like waking up to my honeymoon – but my boyfriend learning at home in Germany for his bachelor degree. The perfect Parisian experience ended with a dip in the pool and macarons, french pastries and champagne for breakfast. Thanks so much to the beautiful, breathtaking Shangri-La Paris for having me, I surely will come back and next time I’ll stay longer!

May 17, 2017

my new caftan and chanel bag

Location: Casablanca

I’m super happy to show you the new beach collection from 1.2.3 Paris – we shot the tunika dress (shop it here) and the sandals (shop it here) at the Mazagan Beach Resort with camels in the background. One of my favorite shootings ever, shot by my friend Larissa Strachwitz! Thanks so much for the photos and your patience! I also wore the dress to the caftan show (read everything about it here) and it was perfect for the occasion. I’m also wearing my Chanel bag and Viu sunglasses.

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April 22, 2017

when in Prague

Location: Prague

During the easter holidays we stayed at the Marriott Prague and had the best time in this beautiful city. I didn’t really expect much of the city and I wanted to relax and not take photos all day. But damn, the old doors in Prague were so picture-worthy! I’ve worked with the Marriott five times already and each time it’s a pleasant stay. They booked is into the duplex suite which was huge! You have probably seen it on insta stories – the interior and the layout of the apartment was sooo beautiful. If I could pick an apartment to live in, it would be a maisonette like this one – my favorite part is the desk facing the down level and the window. We had an executive suite which means that you have access to the executive lounge were you can get free drinks all day. Also, you have a not so crowded room for the breakfast and dinner for free! I hope you enjoy the photos and there’ll follow pictures more from Prague!

April 17, 2017

mazagan beach resort

Location: El Jadida

When we arrived at the Mazagan Beach Resort it was just as magical as it was the last time. We flew over Paris with Air France and arrived at night. It’s really impressing when after an one hour drive from Casablanca airport you finally see the huge entrance of the resort. This time I took my friend Larissa Strachwitz with me and all the photos were I’m on are made by her. We came for the big caftan fashion show which took place on Saturday with over 1200 people. We also had the chance to go backstage and see all the amazing designs of eight moroccan designers. I think the pictures speak for itself – the resort was as beautiful as ever and we had a similar room to the one we had last time, waking up with views over the ocean. We were surprised by flowers when we checked in and surprisingly, they booked a camel tour for us (pictures will follow in a different post)! We were so excited and couldn’t wait for the next day to hop on! Unfortunately because of the season the beach area was still under construction that’s why I couldn’t take photos with the beach beds like last time. Please make sure to travel there in May to September, I think that’s the best time. Wishing you a beautiful start into the week xx