November 30, 2019

my exhibition in Germany

Location: Munich

Thank you so much to everyone who came to my first exhibition which took place at photo München, Praterinsel. I was in such great company and super happy to participate with my fashion series from NY. There were 2500 people at the vernissage on Thursday and so many of you visited and tagged me in their stories. It was an awesome weekend and I hope to be there next year around this time, too. A special thank you to my family and my boyfriend who helped me so much! 

November 17, 2019

huskie sled ride

Location: Lapland

You were so euphoric about the igloo post, thank you for all your feedback. So I thought I would do an extra one about our Huskie tour – that was an absolute unique experience and for me as the biggest dog lover a total dream! We booked the tour over Levin Iglut and they picked us up from the hotel, we drove half an hour to their farm and were greeted with 50 dogs barking at us. I totally understand if that is scary for some but they are very well taught and they completely ignore you when they are in their pack. We had a 12 kilometer ride over the country side, and no worries, they weren’t forced, these sled dogs LOVE to run. We stopped for a minute to take the pic you see below and they insisted on pushing through. They were the happiest after their run and we helped to take their harnesses off and fed them. After that we visited the puppies (born in May I think) and they were the absolute cutest I felt like the happiest person on earth. Their names were Penny, Sheldon, Lennard and Howard haha so good. These were REALLY interested in us and tried to jump on us like little dogs do. If you prefer not to do that I totally understand. After that we had sweets and warm juice at the fire place. It was a great experience I can recommend to everyone. PS: We were put in these super big baby suits because they looked at us and thought ‘wow, they will freeze’ haha.

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November 08, 2019

igloo in Lapland, Finland

Location: Lapland

Thank you so much for all your responses to my stories from Finland. They were so many I could hardly answer all of them. I hope I could show you the countries uniqueness and the beauty of the wild north of Lapland. I think Finland should have sponsored me haha but in fact we paid everything by ourselves. We flew from Munich via Helsinki to Kittilä and had a short drive to the Igloo hotel ‘Levin Iglut’. LINK HERE It was a long dream of us to do a Huskie tour, visit this beautiful hotel and see the northern lights. In the last photo you can see them from our bedroom. They only showed up for 20 seconds but we met people that went five times and didn’t see them so wefelt quite lucky to see them trough the snow clouds. This experience was overall breathtaking and I can recommend everyone to GO NORTH! Please see attached all the details to our trip and your most asked questions.

November 02, 2019

jacquemus pumps in NYC

Location: New York

When I saw these dreamiest Jacquemus pumps in sale I HAD to buy them. The shoes feel more like an artwork than heels and make every outfit extra special. I have to say (not sponsored) that I love everything in the Jacquemus universe – the personal stories, the colors, the setups for the fashion shows, the femininity, the branding itself. Bravo Jacquemus and well done 10 years! These photos were shot by my beautiful Severine in Midtown around 45th street / 10th ave. I’m also wearing Zara pants and blazer and a burberry top.