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20. February 2016

travel diary: the netherlands

15. February 2016

trip to the netherlands

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amsterdam travel diary


  • Werbung  D E C I S I O N
  • Werbung  etro x benetton
  • Werbung  MBFWBerlin glamometer mbfw
  • Werbung  FINALLY found a salon where shellac stays on
  • Werbung  The miumiu G A M E is strong
  • Werbung  YESTERDAY after the marccain show wearing a total
  • Werbung  A R R I V E D at
  • Werbung  Catching the last sunrays summerchild
  • Werbung  READY for the fashion week madness Are you?
  • T H R O W B AC K to one
  • Werbung  SEX AND THE CITY vibes Whos who? Well
  • Werbung  O N E M E T E R