October 22, 2020

our Hesbin dining table

Location: Munich

Werbung I Advertisement I When craftmanship meets Munich’s cool Bogenhausen – there’s a new showroom in Pariser Str. 39 and I am sure you will love it! Owner Patrick has built the ultimate wood heaven showroom for his brand ‘HESBIN’. If you need a sideboard, a desk or the most perfect table – Hesbin’s got you covered, his product range is huge. In my stories I took you with me and introduced you to his new space as well as our selection for our new dining table. We moved three months ago and we are more than happy to now finish our living room with this amazing piece of furniture. We chose 170cm x 70cm of American Walnut wood and black matte legs. Every table is customized and the wood is very robust and doesn’t need any care – just wipe the wine stains off! What do you think about our choice of wood? In case you are living in Germany or Austria: Psst there’s still 20% off on all orders till November 8th.

October 05, 2020

Frederique Constant Vitality Smartwatch

Location: Munich

Werbung I Advertisement I What’s your investment piece? For me personally the classic look and design of a watch is very important – it’s a statement and I never could get used to the look of a plastic fitness tracker on my wrist. Finally there’s something for me – the Frederique Constant Vitality Smartwatch comes in the beautiful shell of a classic, swiss made watch but if you press the crown it gives you the full digital experience. The Vitality Smartwatch is your little helper – it tracks your heart rate, shows your messages, monitors your sleep or tells you the weather. The setup with the app took me literally 1 minute and I think it’s super comfy to for example set a sleep timer. The watch can be charged via usb for example on the laptop. You can also easily change the straps with one click and fits with every outfit. In the last photo I changed the strap to white, hope you like it and make sure to check out Frederique Constant HERE.

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September 26, 2020

das Tegernsee

Location: Neureuth

Anzeige – What a beautiful trip it has been – we just came back from our getaway in the mountains, an one hour drive from Munich. We had an amazing time at the ‘Das Tegernsee’ hotel which is a hotel with a long tradition, it dates back to 1842 and reopened in 1972 and more houses and rooms were added ever since. When you’re looking for a traditional room – they got you covered. When you’re looking for a brand new modern room – they got you covered. A wedding suite with marble? They got you. A family room for all the kids? They got you. The ‘Das Tegernsee’ is located on the hill of Neureuth and faces west so you can always see the sun setting over the beautiful mountains surrounding the lake. We had the chance to stay at one of their beautiful Alpen Chalet rooms with a terrace and were amazed by the interior where wood and modernity meet.

September 08, 2020

janua moebel – our sideboard


Werbung | The keep forever piece in our new apartment is the sideboard SC 21 from Janua Moebel – designed and made in Bavaria. You can feel and see the quality in every inch of the wood and it fits perfect into our living room. I decorated it with my grandmas mirror and my favorite photo books and a new statue I found online. It’s made out of American walnut – for us the perfect fit to the light wood floor. How do you like it? When I visited one of their factories I was highly impressed how many joineries are working together to create one unique piece. The Janua Moebel showroom is to die for – so beautiful! I also loved their high boards and dining tables, you need to check them out!