September 08, 2020

janua moebel – our sideboard


Werbung | The keep forever piece in our new apartment is the sideboard SC 21 from Janua Moebel – designed and made in Bavaria. You can feel and see the quality in every inch of the wood and it fits perfect into our living room. I decorated it with my grandmas mirror and my favorite photo books and a new statue I found online. It’s made out of American walnut – for us the perfect fit to the light wood floor. How do you like it? When I visited one of their factories I was highly impressed how many joineries are working together to create one unique piece. The Janua Moebel showroom is to die for – so beautiful! I also loved their high boards and dining tables, you need to check them out!

February 22, 2020

jacquemus in soho

Location: New York City

Today I wanted to show you an outfit we shot in Soho, NYC during fashion week. I am wearing a Jacquemus blouse from the new collection as well as THE hat which makes me look like a lamp haha. I combined it with Madeleine trousers and Zara heels. It seems pretty sunny but actually I was freezing, but hey can’t wait to wear this blouse in Jordan when it’s warmer! I hope you like it!

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February 13, 2020

bottega, nyc

Location: New York City

Can’t handle it, NY always will be the most exciting city. When I come here, I feel alive. And it’s the only city where I am not mad that it’s raining! It even looks beautiful in the rain. Today I was wearing a weekday coat, prada boots borrowed from Netti, our glam-o-meter sweater and the incredible Bottega bag. I hope you like this super warm winter outfit. Sending hugs from NY.

February 04, 2020

street style in Munich

Location: Munich

When in Munich I am trying to keep up with the layering look as in winter it can snow heavily or get down to minus 10 easily. I prefer to have some boots that I call ‘rain shoes’ – that didn’t cost much, fit with everything and if they get destroyed by salt on the streets or snow, it won’t be a big loss. Do you have these kinda shoes, too or am I the only crazy one haha. We shot this at Odeonsplatz in Munich and I am wearing a Nobi Talai coat, Zalando boots, Hugo Boss sunnies and my Charles and Keith bag. Annette is wearing Prada boots and Nobi Talai, too.