October 05, 2020

Frederique Constant Vitality Smartwatch


Werbung I Advertisement I What’s your investment piece? For me personally the classic look and design of a watch is very important – it’s a statement and I never could get used to the look of a plastic fitness tracker on my wrist. Finally there’s something for me – the Frederique Constant Vitality Smartwatch comes in the beautiful shell of a classic, swiss made watch but if you press the crown it gives you the full digital experience. The Vitality Smartwatch is your little helper – it tracks your heart rate, shows your messages, monitors your sleep or tells you the weather. The setup with the app took me literally 1 minute and I think it’s super comfy to for example set a sleep timer. The watch can be charged via usb for example on the laptop. You can also easily change the straps with one click and fits with every outfit. In the last photo I changed the strap to white, hope you like it and make sure to check out Frederique Constant HERE.






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