April 15, 2019

3.1 Phillip Lim showroom


This week I had the chance to see the beautiful Phillip Lim showroom in Soho, Manhattan and immidately wanted to show you my two favorite new looks / bags for the winter season! Their shapes are super special and thanks so much to the team for also giving me the opportunity to shoot a little editorial with their clothes. Photos coming soon!

April 07, 2019

L O E W E – visual story

Location: New York City

Trying to experiment more with moving images as my clients usually book me for that (thank you so much for everbody who believes in me). There’s so much inspiration in New York and I am totally overwhelmed by all the magic that is happening here. New York feels like my second home already. 

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March 31, 2019


Location: New York

Werbung | CAN’T BELIEVE IT – I AM IN NEW YORK NOW! We spent our very first day here at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art – short MET. My heart jumped when it saw Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock and I felt like a gossip girl actor enjoying the sun at the stairs. Later on we went to the Guggenheim museum, explored the Upper East Side and had pizza in Soho. New York is the city that makes me feel most alive and I can’t wait to explore it with you!

March 25, 2019

LOEWE re-see

Location: Paris

Advertisement | If there’s one brand I always watch the runway live stream of, it’s Loewe! For me, it’s an outstanding brand with unique shapes and bags and might be ‘the new Céline’ after the Phoebe area is over. What do you think about the new bags for winter 2020? I adore the black bags sooo much.