January 29, 2020

after Marina Hoermanseder

Location: Berlin

Logomania – what do we want? Correct, logos! That’s something that somehow always sticks with me – the one logo shirt that I always have with me. Last season it was Jil Sander and this season it’s gonna be the oversize Marina sweater, love it so much! We are currently rearranging our new office, I hope we can share it soon. Besides that, next month will be NYC, Paris and Miland fashion week and I can’t wait to take you with me. Sending love xx

January 20, 2020

before Nobi Talai

Location: Berlin

Thanks a million to the sweet @thestreetland for these snaps before the Nobi Talai show! I think she caught the material of the coat perfectly in the light. Berlin fashion week was stressfull as usual (I think it’s my 9th season now) and I decided to do LESS shows, LESS events and LESS meetings and MORE coffee with friends. Was only there for four days but somehow managed to see four friends from Berlin which made me so happy! Check them all out if you haven’t before @livia_auer, @anaiseleni, @mandybork and @rolandkunos. Have a beautiful Sunday!

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January 01, 2020

interview with Doutzen Kroes

Location: Munich

We had the honour to interview Doutzen for my now second time. She presented her new Hunkemöller collection in Munich and we had the chance to talk with her for half an hour. How did she celebrate christmas? What’s her favorite of the new collection? I filmed everything and in the link below you can see the IGTV video. Thanks so much to the whole Hunkemöller team for making this possible!

December 21, 2019

big bend

Location: Terlingua

One of the most impressing sceneries I’ve seen lately was the Big Bend area in West Texas. On the way towards it, approx 20 minutes before you get there, you ride through moon like landscapes and we forced our driver to stop haha. We were not disappointed, the sun was burning (can’t imagine how it might me in August oh my god) and we found so many different areas within one mile, it reminded me a bit of Valley Of Fires near Las Vegas. It’s definitely worth a trip and I hope you enjoy the photos. My top is Jil Sander, my coat is vintage Burberry and my shorts are from Weekday. Please also enjoy my hiking shoes haha. Wishing you happy holidays with your loved ones!