May 12, 2019

the diner at Times Square

Location: New York

Anzeige | brands showed | The perks about living in M I D T O W N is that the hustle and bustle is right next to you and I must say that feels so inspring! There’s always something happening, a lot of typical American diners are around you and everything is open 24/7. My neighbor Vien shot these of me, thank you so much! I am wearing a vintage Boss blazer and trousers, Calvin Klein boots and a bag from my grandma. Hope you’re habing a great Sunday!

May 05, 2019

two piece in Soho

Location: New York

Anzeige | brands showed | Oh, my heart skipps a beat when I think of D O W N T O W N, New York and all the beautiful days we spent and will spend walking around Soho and the West Village. I spotted this two piece from Zara the other day and it totally reminded me of Isabel Marant which is one of my fav brands still. I added a Mango blazer, vintage earrings and vintage Chanel pumps as well as @anaiseleni’s L O E W E puzzle bag. Thank you for the photos Anais, you are the sweetest!

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April 30, 2019

Brooklyn Bridge

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Anzeige | brands showed | Wanted to quickly show you my uniform I’ve been wearing the last weeks. I love these wool trousers from H&M and my Zara one shoulder top. I combined it with Hermes flats and flea market earrings. Hope you’re having a great day, I am sending sun from Brooklyn!