November 17, 2019

huskie sled ride


You were so euphoric about the igloo post, thank you for all your feedback. So I thought I would do an extra one about our Huskie tour – that was an absolute unique experience and for me as the biggest dog lover a total dream! We booked the tour over Levin Iglut and they picked us up from the hotel, we drove half an hour to their farm and were greeted with 50 dogs barking at us. I totally understand if that is scary for some but they are very well taught and they completely ignore you when they are in their pack. We had a 12 kilometer ride over the country side, and no worries, they weren’t forced, these sled dogs LOVE to run. We stopped for a minute to take the pic you see below and they insisted on pushing through. They were the happiest after their run and we helped to take their harnesses off and fed them. After that we visited the puppies (born in May I think) and they were the absolute cutest I felt like the happiest person on earth. Their names were Penny, Sheldon, Lennard and Howard haha so good. These were REALLY interested in us and tried to jump on us like little dogs do. If you prefer not to do that I totally understand. After that we had sweets and warm juice at the fire place. It was a great experience I can recommend to everyone. PS: We were put in these super big baby suits because they looked at us and thought ‘wow, they will freeze’ haha.



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