December 08, 2019

prada marfa



Werbung | Howdy from Texas! One of my favorite stops of this road trip from El Paso to Midland was the beautiful Prada store for sure. Located 20 minutes outside of Marfa, Texas, it’s as beautiful as it is on the pictures. The stunning landscape reflects in the windows. Originally ment to be a statement against the consume, the idea was that all signs of damage will not be removed and it will age within time. But it became so popular that they kept it ‘new’. I shot a little editorial for you, also with moving image and I hope you will like it as much as I do. I’m wearing cowboy boots gifted from my friend Anna, a black dress from Zalando and a Boss blazer. Not to forget, the Prada socks. I think you will for sure know this store from the Gossip Girl series and the statement is as good as ever, we consume to much, myself included. I’ve been shopping second hand since 10 years (around 50% of my closet) but I think I have to do that even more! 








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