March 03, 2018

hot air ballooning in the desert


Today was an awesome day! Miri and I went hot air ballooning in the desert of Dubai and it was sooo awesome! I’ve done that once in Canberra and I have to say I loved it so much so wanted to try the desert ballooning as well. We flew with @ballooning_uae and the trip was arranged perfectly. We had to wake up at 4am and were picked up with a small bus and drove one hour to the desert. After a safety check we climbed into the balloon and we flew for one hour during sunrise and even spotted animals.




A falcon named Pikachu was with us on board and we could take photos with him, that was sooo cool! I love flying in general as you know and that was something very special. You could see the mountains in Oman, deers passing by and tons and tons of dunes. After the landing (which is a bit like a rollercoster ride, be preparded) we drove to a camp where they served breakfast and it was soooo yummy, they did somehow prepare my favorite of all dishes in the desert! I have no idea how they did a perfect eggs benedict in the desert in the middle of nowhere but everything’s possible in Dubai. Thanks to the lovely staff and pilotes from @ballooning_uae (see the website here) for the breathtaking experience!




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