March 28, 2017

underwater restaurant

Something I’m very grateful to experience is the underwater restaurant at the Conrad Maldives. It’s part of the Conrad 1-3-5 concept – if you have one, three or five hours to experience, there’s a big selection of adventures the Conrad has to offer. We had champagne and snacks at the incredible underwater restaurant (it’s part of a 5 hour experience) and were overwhelmed by the beauty of this room. You feel a little bit like a fish in the tank with the fish watching you. It’s surrounded by corals and anemons and you are overwhelmed by the crystal clear water! We enjoyed it with another couple and nobody sat actually down on the table, we kept walking around and photographed every single shark and nemo 😀 It’s definitely a must see when you’re at the Maldives! Make sure to check it out! All the best from Morocco xx



6 thoughts on “underwater restaurant”

    1. Hey, it’s the Ithaa underwater restaurant at the Conrad. We visited around lunchtime 🙂 All the best

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