November 04, 2016

about big dreams







I’m editing my final NYC pictures while listening to Flume. The concert in Munich is gonna be in two weeks and I’m excited to dance off with Noah (she was in NY with me, too). Thinking back to NYC makes me feel nervous and excited – I think you gotta think big and basically I have archived all I wanted to archive by getting 21 – traveling constant around the world, having the best man in the world accepting me for who I am, entering my photography uni at the first try, having the best friends and family in this world and gotta work with awesome brands around the globe. Actually, if I finish my studies and can live from my work, from my passion and what I love to do, this is all I wanted to archieve in life. Maybe get a kid with 35 and own a flat with my love (Max and I keep joking that we will name our doughter Maxi and our son Alex)… BUT there’s still one dream I have since I watched ‘the devil wears Prada’ when I was 10: to live and work for a few months in NYC. Currently I’m gonna be working on that for the next year or two years. Now I can speak it out loud: I really wanna do a photography internship (as an assistant) in New York! Failing is easy, but I think if you’re gonna work hard for it you might get it – maybe not in time but one day. So the next years I’m gonna assist as many phtotographers I can, shooting so many editorials that I hardly can photoshop them all and just gonna give it a try, the US government doesn’t make it easy (actually I feel that it’s easier to fly to the moon) but – bad quote, but true – you only fail when you stop trying.







Best milkshake I ever had
Tomorrow off to London Can't wait to be back!

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