November 06, 2016






Recently when I met other bloggers or clients at pressdays or blogger dinners, I often got told that I remind them of another German blogger. Of course I understand that, everybody’s trying to evaluate the person they just met and make a picture of them in their minds. But for me it’s quite nerve racking – I am my own brand and don’t want people to think I copy someone. The theme I had in mind when I started my Instagram three years ago was exactly as it is today: travel photos mixed with premium brands, more cute looking myself than a sexy myself, high quality pictures. Inspirational, colorful and day light pictures with a lot of blonde hair, breakfasts and from-back pictures in it. That’s what I wanted my brand ‘VIVA LA MODA’ to look like. Unfortunately, a year after that, started a different German blogger with that and was gaining more followers than I had. She’s doing it full time and even had a whole team to work for her – so of course she has 5 times more man power to work for the blog and make it successful. When I started I had a 40 hours job and now I have 50 hours studies at university. That is totally fine with me and I think not everyone can be completely new and unique but yeah – I will not change my brand just because others are doing it the same way I’m doing. My Blog and Instagram is 100% me – not to personal but very inspirational, girly and colorful just like I feel. I always looked like that (I never dyed my hair or had a short cut) and I hope you understand and like that 🙂






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