December 31, 2015

best of 2015

Good morning! On the last day of the year I searched for around three hours and couldn’t decide which pictures should be in my end of the year post. I also wanted to show you some unpublished photos you haven’t seen before. If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen that I already did a recap of my ‚top 10‘ and I feel so blessed that I saw so many beautiful places, met so many inspiring people and could work with amazing brands. And after all, beeing accepted at university at the ,first try‘ and beeing one of the lucky 30 students to study photography in my home town is a lifetime goal. I also turned 20 and feel more grown up and ready to rock 2016! I really have to say that 2015 was more than awesome and I constantly had to grin while seeing the pictures and my thoughts floated away in all the beautiful memories. 

In the following blogpost you can see my travels to Berlin Fashion Week, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Uluru, Tasmania, Perth, Cairns, Dubai, Paris, Crete, Hamburg, New York Fashion Week, Lisbon and Austria. Yes, I had around 25 flights this year and I’m trying to beat the number next year (probably impossible). Thank YOU guys for your inspirational and motivating words, for going the journey with me! I couldn’t have done this without you and there’s even more to come in 2016!

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